How To Avoid Dishonest Contractors

How to avoid unqualified, dishonest, “just for quick money” contractors

A homeowner who is looking for a contractor for renovations or remodeling to their home needs to be careful of the type of contractor they are going to be dealing with. There are some contractors out there that are ‘just for quick money’ and will not do a good job on a home project which will result in a homeowner having to have the project redone by qualified contractors which cost more time and money.

There are several ways a homeowner could protect themselves against the unscrupulous contractors who are just out for a quick buck or those who take a homeowners money and run without ever completing a single portion of the job – they will take a large upfront down payment on a job and then disappear. This leaves the homeowner out thousands of dollars and looking for another contractor because they are still in need of having their project completed.

By hiring a contractor or renovation specialist that has taken the time to fill out the paperwork and go through the process of becoming a Renomark accredited company, a homeowner knows that this company and contractor cares about their reputation and their customers enough to be a representative of the Renomark and remains in good standing with them, having no complaints or resolving any disputes if they should arise.

Another way to judge the character and validity of the claims a renovation specialist or remodeling contractor have is to check out their testimonials. Many contractors have a page linked to their website with testimonials of people who they have worked for them that agree to write a short paragraph or two about their good experiences with this contractor and their crew. A homeowner considering this contractor should ask to speak to a few of their former customers to verify their satisfaction with the contractors work. A reputable contractor with nothing to hide will be able to provide a prospective new client with several names and addresses of former clients, most people are more than willing to talk about their good experience and even show their newly renovated space to prospective clients to help out their contractors.

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