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Basement Renovations: New Ideas for Old Problems

Toronto Basement RenovationAlmost 95 percent of Canadian homes have basements, which are typically used for recreational rooms, home theatre rooms or perhaps turned into separate apartments and rented out for extra income. In a typical single-family home in Canada, this part of the house will take up approximately 25 to 35 percent of lower-level floor space. Therefore basement renovations Toronto is a very important process and can be problematic if done by not professional or unexperienced company.

The Canadian housing industry is constantly looking to improve basement interiors through innovative technologies, construction practices, systems, and materials. People are fed up with the dark, damp basements where storage becomes mouldy and extra living space is wasted. Luckily, new approaches are changing all that. A basement that is built with these new renovation methods can greatly increase a home’s value and create an enjoyable, healthy, living space.

From the Floor Up

A basement subfloor should offer three things: moisture control, floor insulation, and comfort. Covering a concrete floor with just any type of floor covering is not a good idea. Professional basement remodellers know that there is a specific way that the concrete must be prepared and then layered with the different materials in order to achieve not only the look a homeowner wants, but the real foundation of a good, workable basement.

Even if your basement has never experienced so much as a drop of moisture, this does not mean that it might not happen sometime in the future. All it takes is a build up of snow and a clogged drain pipe, and there could potentially be a water issues in the basement—ruining the drywall, wallpaper or paint,hardwood floor panels, tile or even carpeting.

There are many new subfloor systems a professional basement renovation company will work with instead of laying down an old-fashioned moisture barrier, insulation and plywood. These systems are part of what keep a finished basement functional and healthy.

Put Health First

In addition, it’s important to make sure there is no presence of mould or radon – both of which are hazardous to a person’s health. If detected, the appropriate measures must be undertaken. A basement not properly insulated may present a health hazard by exposing occupants to dangerous levels of these toxins.

A newly finished basement is like a clean slate and can be designed around any lifestyle. A recreational area with a small bar and kitchen combination can be nice for entertaining; a flat-screen television and maybe some stadium seats for a home-theatre, or just a simple couch and love seat for a more traditional family room atmosphere. These are just some examples. The details are up to the homeowner and the design is done by the contractors who will frame, paint and lay the ground work for any reasonable idea they can come up with.

Space Converters Ltd. has a team of licensed and experienced craftsmen. We only use proper building materials and quality workmanship., and we are committed to building not only functional, but healthy basements for the families of Canada.

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