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Carpentry, Construction, Renovations: Contractors Should Always Leave Areas Clean as a Whistle

Commercial Carpentry Contractors in Greater Toronto AreaThere are many facets to carpentry work and demolition is just the beginning of one of the major parts of a remodelling or renovation project. Once it has been determined that a wall or whole room needs to come down, then the demolition team will go to work, first shoring up walls that are to stay intact, and then sealing off the other rooms with thick plastic so as not to get drywall dust and debris everywhere in the house.

Sometimes a demolition crew will use sledge hammers to tear down walls and sometimes they will use small earth movers depending on the amount of space that is available to move around in the rooms. They must be careful not to knock down any load bearing walls or poles that hold up the ceiling or other level of the house if the construction is in the basement.

Once a room has been demolished and cleaned of all the debris, it is time to install a T-bar ceiling. This is a lowered ceiling that hides lighting fixtures and other unattractive features. The T-bar is also known as a ‘drop ceiling’. This is where a grid is put into place about six inches below the regular ceiling and then ceiling tiles are snapped into place. Some of the ceiling tiles may need to be cut out in order to make room for lighting fixtures and other structural features or piping.

Many construction crews have their own drywall hangers and framers. Typically, a team of framers would go in first and ‘frame out’ the walls in order to have any wiring and plumbing put into place.Then the drywall hangers would come in and hang the drywall onto the frames to make the walls for separate rooms such as a bathroom or bedroom. In the case of a basement area, the walls would still need to be framed out around the outer walls and then drywall hung in order to help insulate the basement from the elements.

Before anything is done to a house, the contractors should seal off their work area with heavy plastic and make sure that the rest of the house does not get any of the dust and debris that will no doubt accumulate when demolition and other work begins. This will help to keep the clean up to a minimum.

metal-framingA good, qualified construction company or carpenter will know to clean up after themselves and not leave a mess for the homeowner to clean up.

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