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Flooring Services – so Many to Choose from, Something for Every Décor

Commercial Building FlooringCommercial spaces tend to experience higher traffic than residential spaces. So while the process of replacing flooring is the same, the materials, and sometimes also the methods, are different. Most materials used for residential flooring tend not to be durable enough to endure the wear and tear of commercial spaces.

There are many different styles and types of flooring available to a homeowner today. The typical floor covering is hardwood, tile and carpeting with many different sub-categories of each. For example there are Pergo hardwood floors and shag carpets in addition to ceramic tiles that are great for the bathroom.

One of the newer floor coverings available is VCT or vinyl composite title which is extremely durable and resilient to stains and tearing. VCT is used in a lot of institutions such as schools (especially for smaller children), hospitals, nursing homes and businesses that experience high foot traffic areas that need to be cleaned often.

Carpets come in a variety of thicknesses and can be dyed into many different colors from browns for institutions and businesses to hide high traffic and dirt better to cream colors and bright reds for beautiful modern décor.

Ceramic tiles are great for the bathroom areas and give them a luxurious and rich look that pulls glass showers and sunk-in tubs together with a polished look. Granite and marble are also nice tiles to have in the shower or in the regular bathroom area and both are easy to clean depending on the pattern or the amount of grooves a tile has and the amount of dirt the bathroom sees.

Some of the older homes have hardwood floors under carpeting and although there might be a few stains in the hardwood flooring, they could easily be sanded out and buffed to a nice polished finish, leaving the hardwood floors looking as good as new. There are new ‘snap together’ hardwood flooring that is easy to install and looks as good as a true hardwood floor and could be installed by a homeowner or by a professional carpenter or floor layer.

Epoxy floors are typically found in garages, basements, sports arenas and gymnasiums because they are durable and have a high gloss to them and can stand up to the punishing treatment of basketballs or cars or anything else that people have on top of these style floors. They are usually installed by a professional team of installers; however there are do-it-your-self kits for small jobs like a garage floor or basement laundry room. The area needs to be completely clear of all dirt and debris before the epoxy can be poured over the concrete or hardwood flooring in the case of a sports arena.

Depending on what type of room the flooring is going into, a kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, and then what the final décor will be, is what will determine how best to decide what type of flooring will work in what room.

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