Commercial Property Maintenance

Hiring Qualified Rental Maintenance Personnel for Daily and Emergency Property Repairs

Building Maintenance Services TorontoRoutine repairs, improvements and maintenance of rental properties can be extremely time-consuming, and are best left to qualified professionals. In fact, landlords who try to do these repairs themselves can often do more damage than good. And while everyone is trying to save money these days, doing repairs right the first time not only avoids hassle, it also protects your investments and helps to prevent costly future repairs. This is why it’s best to hired experience, licensed professionals to take care of all of your maintenance needs on your residential and commercial lease properties. From small jobs such as changing inaccessible light bulbs or unclogging a toilet, to much larger jobs such as replacing outdated electrical wiring, having a maintenance company manage these repairs for you on a monthly retainer can help you manage costs and manage the expectations of your tenants.

You can also make use of the services of your maintenance company by upgrading features of older homes or buildings in order to maintain value. Rental properties often show signs of wear more quickly than one-family homes, and the right maintenance company can go a long way to keeping your properties looking fresh and functioning properly. This can include sanding and refinishing floors, updating plumbing fixtures or patching holes in drywall.

Even when the interiors of your properties are well maintained, there will always be outdoor projects for a maintenance crew to do. Beyond increasing curb appeal, many outdoor maintenance jobs can help to prevent weather-related issues. For example, eavestroughs should be cleaned out at least once a year, and buildings should be inspected for exterior cracks and these cracks filled to prevent water from getting in. This is in addition to all of the usual day-to-day jobs you may wish to have your maintenance company to take care of like moving the lawn or clearing the driveway of snow which is especially important for multi-family dwellings and storefronts.

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