Communicating Renovation Work Needs

Good Communication is the Key between Homeowner, Contractor and Designer

A renovation or remodeling contractor and the homeowner will need to communicate their needs to one another openly and honestly in order to maintain a flow that gets the homeowner exactly what they want for their project and the contractor moving along without having to go back and re-do something that was a misunderstanding.

When a homeowner first decided they want to renovate by adding on to their house or remodel part of their home by updating a kitchen, bathroom or living room, they typically look in magazines and books to find ideas of what they want their space to look like. This is a good idea because it will give the contractor or designer a concrete idea of what it is they want for their home. Some times it is hard to convey exactly what it is a homeowner is expecting a finished project to look like.

Going to open houses of nearby homes or checking other houses that are for sale through realtors will also give a homeowner several ideas for their remodeling or renovation projects. If a designer is going to be hired, they will come with lots of ideas, books and websites a homeowner could browse through in order to find exactly what they are wanting or by putting a combination of this and that together from several sources, the designer could come up with a new and innovative look for a homeowner.

Having good communication between a designer, the homeowner and the contractor is critical for a home remodeling or renovation project to be completed to the exact specifications a homeowner desires. In the beginning the homeowner should meet with both the designer and the contractor to decide where the new space is going to be built or what the renovations are going to look like. A designer will be able to tell the homeowner if it is feasible what they want to accomplish and a contractor will be able to tell the homeowner at what time frame and what cost this project will be done.

A designer will go over their designs and plans with the homeowners to make sure they understand exactly where everything, such as new walls, electrical outlets and countertops, will be located. A contractor will also bring in the homeowner during various steps in their work to make sure the homeowner is satisfied with the different choices they have made along the way like where a particular overhead light is placed in comparison to where the bathroom mirror will be hung for the best view in the morning sunlight. It’s the little things that designers and contractors are going to help a homeowner think about before tearing out walls or adding items to a remodeling or renovation project; things that a homeowner might not have considered because they were thinking of the overall completed project.

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