Finish Carpentry

Fine Carpentry for Every House

Finish Carpentry ServicesNo house is complete without the involvement of a finishing carpenter. Builders only offer basic, cheap baseboard, door and window casings, and simple fireplace mantles. Here are some simple ways that fine carpentry can change the look and feel of your home, add storage, and value through beautiful custom elements.

By adding extra decorative moldings you will enhance the look of your house, making it look warmer and richer. You can also mask minor imperfections like crooked walls or gaps between flooring and walls. Depending on the ceiling height of your home, you can enhance its look with a single piece of crown moulding, or an elaborate, custom build up. There are countless design possibilities. You can also choose to go with wider door and window casings too, but don’t overdo it. Pay attention to the proportions of your home.

The chair rail — a wall moulding that runs about 32” above the floor — can help you divide a wall in order to show off different designer paint colors.

Adding wainscoting is impactful, and not as expensive as it looks. It used to be a feature that protected high-traffic walls, but now it’s mainly for decora1tive purposes.

Custom entertainment units can provide extra storage for CDs, DVDs, books, electronic equipment, artwork, collectibles, etc.

We can help you design and build anything from a small cabby square, to a large (16-foot) wall unit for storage and display.

A beautiful entertainment unit for an extra large television —including hidden storage for DVDs, CDs and other media or miscellaneous items — could be built to fit any homeowner’s personal taste and style. Storage is a major factor in a lot of people’s decision to have a custom-made piece of cabinetry built, but no one wants to see it!You want to keep your shelving for display purposes and keep things looking clean, right? Well, hidden storage is a specialty of ours and people are amazed at where they can store items in our large wall units.

Finish-Carpentry-2Other projects include adding a built-in window seat with storage, mud room storage, and custom closet organization.

Or, if you’re an entertainer, turn your basement into a designer game room, featuring a custom wet bar! Or how about adding a wine cellar? Many people are becoming wine collectors not only for its great taste but for its resell properties.

Space Converters can change the look and feel of your home, and there are lots of options that make these projects affordable. If wood is not in your budget, then paintable, medium density fiberboard (MDF) is a more economical alternative. Contact Space Converters for free advice and estimate!

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