Our Guarantee

Once you’re in the middle of a kitchen renovation, you’ll soon realize that finishing the job quickly is much more important than starting it quickly (fortunately, SPACE CONVERTERS LTD. does both!). Replacing a kitchen isn’t like adding a deck or finishing a basement. Your life will be inconvenienced – and we know it.

SPACE CONVERTERS LTD. is also very sensitive to the fact that you have to work within a budget to pay for your kitchen – and that you shouldn’t pay one red cent more for it.

We want you to be confident that we are deeply committed to an agreed-on price and letting you have your house back to yourself. How do we establish that trust?

We work with you to establish a time frame in which the project will be completed.

Once you’ve committed to this time frame, SPACE CONVERTERS LTD. backs it up with our On-Time Completion Guarantee.

We stand behind our On-Time Completion Guarantee with our checkbook: We guarantee that there will never be any “hidden costs” in our projects.

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