Handicap Accessibility Service

Commercial and Industrial Facility Renovations for Improving Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessible Facility by Space ConvertersRemodelling to allow better accessibility can be desirable and necessary for many reasons. Owners of multi-family dwellings can increase their market share, homeowners can make life easier for a loved one, and commercial buildings can increase their value. In fact, disabled accessibility (or “handicap accessibility”), is in high demand in the Greater Toronto Area, and having a property with accessibility features is a definite plus. Most buildings, except for newly built commercial buildings, are not designed with accessibility in mind. The good news is that the renovations required to make a space more accessible can be relatively inexpensive. The trick is to choosing a contractor or renovation professional who is familiar with accessibility needs and the level of quality workmanship that is required. When improving accessibility, there is no room for error; safety of future users must be first and foremost.

Top 9 Accessibility Renovations:

  1. Ramp to the front door, wide enough for a wheelchair with sturdy handrails on either side.
  2. Door knob height changed to wheelchair-accessible height
  3. Installation of power-assisted doors
  4. Shower with a bench and grab bars, and handles or other stability features near the toilet.
  5. Widened doorways for wheelchair and walker accessibility
  6. Bevelled thresholds (to avoid tripping hazards)
  7. Non-slip floor surfaces
  8. Elevators, in the case of commercial or multi-family dwellings, or chair assists for single-family homes
  9. Installation of extra lighting with easy-to-reach light switches

The design and renovation building should be left to professionals. Call Space Converters to make your facility accessible for everyone!

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