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We any type of Home Addition you can dream about!

In-law suite building in TorontoA homeowner might want to extend their home by adding an additional room or remodeling an old basement to add more living space. A growing family makes the need for extra space essential. There are many advantages of adding a Home Addition, such as making the basement area into a separate apartment. Several larger homes are turning their unfinished basements into nanny suites before they have children so that they can hire a live-in nanny. Besides the basement, a homeowner might want to Create an Extra Bedroom or guestroom, game or library room, or an extra bathroom and even another kitchen. Whatever the reason for creating a more liveable space out of an unused basement or extra room in the house, the new addition can certainly add resale value to your existing home. Additions such as a furnished basement can add thousands of dollars to the resale value of your home alone.

home-addition2If you are planning to build in-law suite, sunroom or any other home addition contact Space Converters for fast and professional assistance!

Second Floor Additions Toronto

Your home is your castle. But the family is growing bigger and you need more bedrooms. Or is there a need for an increased workspace? In many ways, you may need a bigger home. But moving is such a hassle. The costs are high, and the interruption to your life is hard to tolerate. Good news, you don’t need to move at all!

Get a bigger, more comfortable, much more usable home with our service of home improvement. Space Converters specialize in this sort of work and ensure the best quality possible, with the minimum interruption to your lives, and while maintaining your budget and attending to your specific and personal needs and tastes.

Most homes are planned in such a way that actually allows a second floor addition to be built. It saves you the necessity to relocate, change the kid’s schools, adapt your shopping habits and other routines that you grew to rely on. Many people in Toronto are adding one more floor and getting to enjoy a doubled living space and increased property value without having to move at all.

Imagine walking into your house one day, and having a whole extra storey! It can have another bedroom, bathroom or working/storage space. We all enjoy having friends over and want to provide them with extra space and make them feel at home. Our team of expert planners and interior decorators will take it upon themselves to save you the trouble and make sure that your home’s potential is maximized in the best way possible.

We will tailor the room layout, interior decoration and facilities exactly to your specific needs, tastes and budget. Home and second floor additions are our expertise and we will do everything to make absolutely sure that your property gets the best results and utilizes all of it’s potential. Space Converters are an unparalleled group of professionals that will increase not only the size, but also the value of your property, making the place not only more efficient and valuable, but also turning it into a real mansion that you will be proud to present to your guests.

Also, we can offer projects such as guesthouse building on your property, enlarging your patio and deck, or turning them into a sunroom, where you can host guests and enjoy a beautiful day without being affected by the weather outside. We also provide all sorts of renovation services, such as wall painting, tiles and hardwood floors renovation and many, many more.

We work in the Greater Toronto Area and service homes in areas around it, such as Richmond Hill, Aurora, Markham and many more.

Don’t forget to ask about deals, sales and bulk prices. If you go for second floor additions and want more work done to improve your home, we will make sure to accommodate you! Double the size, double the value. All done quickly and within a budget.

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