Kitchen Renovations and Re-Designing

Homeowner's Prepare for a Kitchen Remodeling with New Kitchen Cabinets

There are several things that need to happen before a kitchen renovation or a kitchen re-design can take place. A qualified designer should be consulted to see if the original space is sufficient or if there is room to expand the kitchen; this person may consult a kitchen contractor in order to make sure there are no wires, pipes or other elements that could impede the progress of a newly renovated kitchen.

A homeowner needs to prepare the kitchen area for the demolition and remodeling by removing all items from the cabinets, drawers, shelves and other spaces that store kitchen gadgets. The contractor will be removing the large appliances either to another area of the house or for disposal if new ones are arriving.

There are two ways in which a homeowner could receive new kitchen cabinets: one is by ‘facing’ or having the fronts replaced on all the cabinets or two, having the entire cabinet tore down and replaced. If a homeowner is looking to save money, then the first option of re-facing the cabinets would be in order; however, if a total remodel is to happen, then the cabinets need to come out and be replaced.

Most kitchen cabinets were hung using a combination of screws and heavy-duty epoxy or a wood gluing/bonding agent. The construction crew will use crowbars or other tools to tear down the old kitchen cabinets, trying to leave as minimal damage to the walls as possible unless the walls are coming down as well.

The kitchen contractor will call in a plumber to handle all the water and plumbing issues because when a kitchen is being remodeled, it is not always feasible to keep the kitchen sink where it was before or the homeowner may want to add a small sink in an island.

An electrician would need to be called in on a kitchen remodeling job because many homes are built in which the electric wiring runs throughout the house and when the cabinets are pulled away from the walls, there may be some wiring exposed. If the walls are to come down and moved, then an electrician can help by removing the wires before this procedure takes place.

The next step would be the framing and then the electrician would come back and do the rewiring. Once all the new electric and plumbing is in place, it is time to hang the drywall, then the new kitchen cabinets can be hung and the painting or papering of the walls and the laying of the floor will be the finishing touches.

Cooking during a kitchen renovation will be near impossible so it is a good idea to plan to eat out or pick up something on the way home from work.

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