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Kitchen Renovations – Improving Everyday Life While Adding Value to a Future Possible Home Resale

New Kitchen Installation and RenovationA nice, organized and functional home is important to many people, and can greatly affect the quality and enjoyment of life. This is especially true for busy parents who work, and have to get dinner on the table before taking the kids to ballet or hockey practice, or before running to a business meeting or an evening on the town.

This is where a kitchen improvement comes in. Renovating your kitchen can update and recharge a tired, old room  into a family gathering place where not only easy food preparation and good meals happen, but families are brought together over the kitchen table for discussions, game night or homework help.

There are several things to consider and keep in mind when undertaking a kitchen rebuilding project, even if a homeowner is hiring a professional company to do the work – which is the first recommendation. Do not try to attempt to renovate a kitchen unless you have a strong background in construction. It is best to leave this type of home improvement to a licensed renovator.

Before beginning a kitchen renovation, a professional company will ask you questions like: ‘would you like to paint or stain the cabinets’, ‘what is your preference on countertops’ and ‘how about an island?’ Cabinets are the largest item in a kitchen —a determining height should be noted first. Most cabinets typically reach the ceiling to give the homeowner more storage space, however if your walls are taller than 8 feet, leave about 15 inches or so from the top because that may be too high to storeanything.Instead, this area could be used to display collections of cookie jars, decorative baskets or other larger kitchen appliances.

Most kitchen cabinetry finishes become dated and are not easily forgiving of dirt and grime; stained wood cabinets are washable, and brush-painted cabinets can be a unique alternative in the right kitchen setting. Always ask for high-quality hinges and slides for cabinet drawers so that they won’t stick. Stapled particleboard is not very sturdy and for cabinet interiors, melamine, MDF, particleboard and laminate are not as durable as wood veneer.

kitchen-2Countertops are the next thing a visitor will focus on when entering a kitchen so choose something elegant. White Carrara marble, either acid washed or honed and sealed, and stained wood will add warmth and elegance. Or try slate, soapstone, Wiarton limestone, and plastic laminate with wood edges for a sophisticated look. There are a few considerations on countertops surfaces— brick, slate, terra-cotta and slate may have inherent texture flaws and are a little more difficult to clean— however they will hide more dirt and crumbs. Stainless steel is beautiful and offers a ‘clean line’ look, although smudges may drive a person crazy.

Islands that have an airy, open look work best in a kitchen. A bulky cube for an island in the middle of the room does not work, and keep in mind that an island should not have any appliances on it. In fact, when you are outfitting your kitchen, try not to go overboard on appliances and gadgets and rely only on a select few of the basics. You’ll find this will work just as well as using many novelty appliances, and it will keep your space looking clean and functional.

You may decide to design a lavish space – complete with pediments over the stove and pilaster mouldings, but whatever your style, remember that your new kitchen should blend nicely with the rest of the home

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