Rental and Lease Property Maintenance

Rental and Leasing Property Maintenance from Expert Home Management Repair

There are many people who own rental property and are in need of a company to take care of the repairs as well as the day-to-day maintenance. Several companies are available for this type of work and will happy to provide an estimate after viewing the property and going over what needs completed.

Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, people who rent or lease an apartment or a house will not take good care of the building because they do not own it. This could causes problems down the road when they vacate the premises and leave many things needing repair.

Daily repairs include plumbing problems like clogged drains or toilets; stuck windows and doors; electrical problems which could include something as simple as a light bulb that can’t be reached and weatherizing a house or apartment.

Floors can really take a beating from kids, pets and high traffic and sometimes they need to be replaced. Most people want carpeting because it keeps the home warmer in the winter however hardwood floors are easier to upkeep and repair or replace if damage is done to it.

A lot of walls get banged up and sometimes holes are found in the drywall of vacant apartments and houses and this mean drywall repairs. There may be other times when the renters, though no fault of their own, have water issues and the drywall has rotted away and needs to be tore out completely and replaced.

Once an individual or family has left the rental property, it is important to make it clean and as close to ‘new’ as possible and the best way to achieve that would be to put a couple of coats of paint on all the walls. Dirty walls happen to everyone and a fresh coat of paint will help to brighten the rooms and make them more inviting.

Between children, animals and general junk people throw out in the yards; fences can be another major repair issue in many rental houses. Depending on the amount of damage, wire fencing might need to be replaced. If it was built in sections and not as an entire piece, this would be easier to repair and less expensive. Wooden fences, although more expensive to upkeep because of the painting or staining, are less expensive to repair because one would simply take out a board and replace it with a new one.

While outside, there may be other items that need repair that a landlord can not handle themselves such as asphalt damage. Driveways and patios need to have smooth asphalt and concrete and a good rental and leasing maintenance company could perform this task as well as all the other ‘odd jobs’ that pop up from normal wear and tear on rental property.

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