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Toronto Basement Underpinning for Low Ceiling Basement

Basement Underpinning in the GTAIn order to create a liveable basement where there is currently a low ceiling we can perform underpinning. This is done by excavating the ground, in alternating sections around the basement, and then reinforcing it with concrete shutters and poured concrete under the exposed and existing foundation. This is done along each wall of the basement. We will make sure the structural supports are intact and not tampered with so that the house will be structurally sound throughout the process and when the procedure is complete. Some homeowners like a separate entrance to the basement and this feature can be added once the basement is securely fit and the new concrete has had time to cure. We would then use a backhoe to cut into the concrete wall, after the surrounding wall has been secured. A doorway would be framed with supports and braces and the homeowner would also be able to choose the doorway of their choice as long as it fits in the opening —some homeowners prefer to match the front door and the basement door. Braces and supports would hold the new door into place. Before you know it, you too could be enjoying a finished basement with a beautiful walk-out.

Procedures of basement underpinning:

  1. Space Converters Ltd. will have engineering drawings presented to the city and obtain Building Permit
  2. Removal and disposal existing basement finishes
  3. Securing electrical, plumbing and HCVAC services
  4. Removal of concrete slab
  5. Provide necessary work for either underpinning foundation or bench footing
  6. Install structural beams and columns when required
  7. Install new basement drains, backflow valve, and pump when required
  8. Install waterproofing membrane
  9. Install new concrete slab
  10. Reinstall furnace and boiler
  11. Install new stairs when required
  12. Coordinate inspections
  13. Final clean up

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